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Goo-net Exchange is an online solution for buying Japanese Used Cars from Japan, specialized in Japanese imports. Browse the widest choice of Japanese Used Vehicles. Search for used toyota , used honda , used nissan to find your perfect match of Japan used cars.

Buying Japanese Used Cars from Goo-Net Exchange Our mission is to make sure your purchase of Japanese used vehicles from Japan will be safe and secure. All Japan Used cars in stock are in“ready to GO” condition. Here for more information about buying Japanese imports from Goo-net Exchange.

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6/20 - As you may already know, on April 1, our parent company, PROTO Corporation, announced its acquisition of KINGS AUTO CO., LTD., a well-established company specializing in trading in Asia.
Associating the acquisition, KINGS AUTO CO., LTD., a subsidiary company of PROTO Corporation, is merged with KINGS AUTO CO., LTD. on July 1.

Please find our new contact information as follows:
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3/14 - We appreciate your caring and thoughtful phone calls and emails. As for KINGS AUTO CO., LTD., we are operating as usual.

1/20 - Now You can run a keyword search by model number!

7/14 - We release the "Goo-netExchange iPhone application".You can download your Apple iPhone completely for free,and you will get used car information more than 300,000 of them in Japan anytime and anywhere.

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On Goo-net Exchange, There Are Over 300,000 Foreign and Japanese Used cars for You to Choose From.

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